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As business operations continue to evolve, so do the requirements for the operational excellence and business standards needed to sustain strategic advantage over the long term. The Lean Global Standard Tests (GSTs) are a powerful way to demonstrate your preparation to your boss, colleagues, or future employer and ultimately to validate your preparation as a business operations improvement expert in your industry.
Organized in two different levels, (Lean Silver and Lean Gold), the Lean GST certifications add to your existing knowledge and reputation to help you take your career and your organization to the next level of success.

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The questions in your exam refer to the key concepts of each exam itself (see GST Body of Knowledge). You will be evaluated based on your ability to answer each question correctly and to achieve a passing score within a limited time-frame.

Passing Score: all questions will be scored with the same weighting, although not every question will necessarily require the same time to be answered. A score of 75% is required to pass. A brief report with the score will be displayed on your screen immediately after the exam is completed and a summary email will be sent to you.
Each test can be accessed anytime from the convenience of your office, home, or prospective recruiter’s facility. The results will be displayed immediately upon submission of the last question or as soon as the time expires, whichever occurs first.

Exam format: The exam has been designed in a multiple choice format with 4 possible answers. Occasionally, a TRUE/FALSE question might also appear. In all cases, only one answer will be defensible and only one answer may be selected for each question by clicking on it and confirming it to proceed to the next questions. Generally, you will be prevented from going back to a previous question and change an answer that was already submitted. Omitted (blank) answers are equivalent to an incorrect answer. The questions will be numbered 1 to 50 in the Lean Silver Test and 1 to 75 in the Lean Gold Test.

Time limits: Each exam can be started as soon as a valid access key is in your possession by simply typing it in the login mask of each specific exam page (the latter will be communicated to you at the time of purchase). Once you begin, you will have 80 minutes to complete the Lean Silver Test, whereas the Lean Gold Test is 120 minute long. A timer will be displayed in the lower part of the screen at all times and it will count down from the maximum time allowed to zero. Note that you will not be able to pause or reset the examination clock.
The Lean & Six Sigma Global Standard Tests bring together business leaders, managers, sponsors, professionals, subject-matter experts, academicians, and students who share the same passion for world-class improvement principles.
Anyone who is willing to make a commitment and prepare for an exam is welcome to take it. Sometimes it takes more than an attempt to pass, but that’s exactly why there is a standard test: to help individuals fill preparation gaps, to learn enough to comply with a benchmark that strives to be in line with the requirements of most leading organizations, and to acquire a robust operational improvement foundation.
Passing candidates may choose to publish their names online on the GST certifications page of www.L6Stest.com. Certified individuals that choose to make their achievement visible online become members of a global network of accomplished people that may benefit from peer support and greater insight throughout their careers.

The reliability of your certification can be validated anytime by cross-examination or by alternative tests based on the L6S GST Body of Knowledge. An especially convenient, inexpensive, and practical way to do it is also by taking the Talent Appraisal Test in a controlled environment - for instance together with your mentor, co-workers, boss, or future employer (contact us to learn more about supervised tests).

Prerequisites: A prerequisite for taking any exam would be to have completed a full black belt coursework in Lean, Six Sigma or both (usually several weeks of training or 200+ hours of preparation). Regardless, candidates must be familiar with the GST Body of Knowledge. For Six Sigma, it is highly recommended Candidates be familiar with statistical software (Minitab, SPSS, SAS, etc.) as they are most useful during the 6 Sigma Exams (it is still possible to answer statistical questions without this type of software, but it generally requires a much longer time).
Content: Each Global Standard Test requires that you are familiar with all topics of the L6S GST Body of Knowledge, which has been assembled by an international team of experts according to a selection of the best literature in the field and validated by an Advisory Committee comprised of a diversified team of experienced operations improvement leaders of leading multinational organizations.

Lean: Value & Waste / JIT / TQC / Operational Stability

What you will need during the exam:
- A reliable Internet connection and a quiet environment
- A non-programmable calculator
- Statistical software installed on your computer

Certificates: A .pdf and .xps certificate will be sent to you by email soon after you pass any of the tests. At your express request, we will also send you a printed certificate in the mail. Please allow four to six weeks from the date in which we receive an email from you and verify your examination records.
Pricing and Payment Options
All exams are priced in US dollars and are payable via a secure link to Paypal either through a Paypal account or by credit card. Other payment options (e.g. for bulk purchases) can be made available upon request to exam@L6Sgroup.com.
Lean Silver Global Standard Test: 80$ fee
Lean Gold Global Standard Test: 99$ fee

Re-Take Policy
If you are unable to pass your exam the first time, or if you simply wish to improve your score, you may take the exam at any other time you want. Re-take fees are as following:
Lean Silver Global Standard Test: 50$ fee
Lean Gold Global Standard Test: 69$ fee

Lost/bad connection: the timer indicating the time to complete the exam will continue its countdown even if the candidate leaves the exam or loses his or her Internet connection. Upon their return, the timer will display the remaining time for the exam. If you feel that you have been incorrectly disconnected from the exam or had technical difficulties for which you were not able to complete it, contact our customer service by email with a description of what you experienced and we will get back to you to solve your problem)

Delayed exam sessions: you may choose to purchase an access key and take the exam at a later time. Access keys are valid for one year from the date of purchase; after one year they expire and another key must be purchased. We offer discounts or time extensions for bundle/corporate purchases (for more information contact our customer service at exam@L6Sgroup.com).

Re-certification: While it is not mandatory, the L6S Advisory Committee strongly encourages re-certification every five years to ensure that practitioners keep up with current trends and maintain their preparation. Re-Certification fees are only 50% of the current fees for any of the tests: just send an email to exam@L6Sgroup.com to receive your recertification voucher.
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L6S Online Certification Pillars

The L6S Advisory Committee adopts an innovative Honor System philosophy to the remote testing environment based on a set of principles known as the five certifications pillars:

- Adult Learning Environment
- Open-Book Testing
- Time Limits for completing the Exam
- Randomization and Continuous Revision
- Provable Preparation

At the end of their examination, Global Standard Test (GST) candidates are required to sign the following statement: "I pledge my honor that I have not violated the GST Honor Code during this examination". Based on the above-mentioned five pillars, the L6S advisory committee believes that the only unfair forms left of taking the exam would be either to receive assistance from other individuals during the test or to try to tamper with the time, score, questions or any of the variables that may affect actual performance on the test.

How it works

The process for taking L6S Online certifications and tests is very simple and can be accomplished from any computer with an internet connection at anytime. It involves the following simple steps:

1 Click on the “ADD TO CART” button and you will be guided to pay for the test with your credit card, online check or PayPal.

2 After the payment has been made, the test will be available for you to be taken by using the secure code you have receipt via email. You can either take the test immediately, or at a later date (within 12 months of purchasing the test).

3 Click here to be redirected to Login Page and to start your exam now.

4 After you have taken the test, your result will be displayed immediately in the form of an online transcript. The online transcript will remain on the L6S website for a period of 1 year after you take the test.

5 Although the correct answer to each question will not be displayed to maintain the secrecy of our questions, feedback will be provided on performance in each category.

6 Along with the examination final report, you will be sent a printable high quality certificate after the successful completion of the test.

7 You will be allowed privileges such as use of the L6S Certified Professional Logo on your resume, visiting cards and letter heads.