Our Values

Empowering customers
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”. L6S consultants have a passion for empowering customers to craft and run their own improvement programs. One of the key goals is to teach the how-tos along with the whats, so that improvement can be sustained over time even when external help is not there.
Putting people first
“The organizations that will truly excel in the future will be the organizations that discover how to tap people's commitment and capacity to learn at all levels in an organization”. Peter Senge One the fundamental ideas of operational excellence has been and still is to find the means of shifting the value-adding environment (business processes) from a strong dependence of people's capabilities to a relative indifference to the particular knowledge, experience, and practical problem-solving of single individuals.
Basing decisions on facts
Assumptions, impressions, emotions should not override facts, real data and logic when targeting improvements. Process and organizational changes should be primarily driven by a close understanding of customer needs, disciplined use of facts, data, and statistical analysis, and diligent attention to managing, improving, and reinventing business processes.

Our Mission


L6S is born of an idea by a group of senior operations executives to deliver world-class solutions to medium-small size companies, for which it may be impractical, or downright impossibile, to build a full-fledged Operational Excellence infrastructure like the largest global corporations.

World-Class solutions are business choices made at the strategic, tactical and execution level that enable them to create, build, sell and suppports goods, services, and processes that are ranked by customers and industry-experts to be among the best of the best. This designation denotes standard-setting excellence in terms of design, performance, quality, and customer satisfaction and value when compared with all similar items from anywhere in the world.

L6S consultants bring to the client years of successful experience developing business excellence programs and leading improvement initiatives in global multinational organizations of various industries from within. Their real-life knowledge of the typical expectations and constraints of a business helps them manage the occasional ambiguity that can lead to "analysis-paralysis" and enables them to direct most of the useful energy of a work team on the pursuit of "tradeoffs", or viable solutions, among potentially conflicting business needs.

L6S Work Team