Solutions for your Business

Whether your problem is to redefine your Operations Strategy or to make it run more smoothly, whether you are a manufacturing or service organization, whether you have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses or just a general drive to improve your business, we believe we can help. We know that excellence is truly a process, a journey that continues with your organization's commitment to seek out the very best way of doing things with the resources you have.

Operations Strategy Calibration
Continuous Improvement Program
Lean 6 Sigma Projects
Lean Healthcare
Industrial Services & Solutions

"L6S" is an acronym for Lean and 6 Sigma, two of the primary philosophies and problem-solving approaches we use for organizational improvement. A vast number of time-tested solutions to the most diverse problems can be found among the Lean and 6 Sigma tools. However, their successful application must be tailored to each individual reality and, as we frequently emphasize while conducting seminars and projects, no single methodology can be a substitute for the human mind and a team's creativity. This is why a coach can help your organization unleash the power of its own capabilities.


Performance Assessment
Assessing existing existing processes and potential wastes (As Is Definition)
Opportunity definition
Identifying Goals & Opportunities (To Be Definition)
Improvement Initiatives
Implementing Continuous Improvement Program and Executing projects
Monitor & Control
Support & Sustaining results over time and “closing the loop” (back to 1)