Lean 6 Sigma Program

If used together, Lean and Six Sigma enhance each other's force and provide a highly valuable set of solutions to organizational problems.

Lean Program
Understand how to conduct a Lean initiative by learning all the key Lean areas and how to draw on them efficiently and in a relevant way during Kaizen events.
6 Sigma Program
Learn the tools and the discipline of Six Sigma as well as how to conduct a Six Sigma project with rigor but controlling the risk of getting stuck in its tollgate.
Lean 6 Sigma Leader

Business Operations Program

Managing business operations has been compared to a form of engineering that blends art with applied science.

Managing the Supply Chain
Managing the Operations
Managing Projects

Competence Evolution Program

The L6S Evolution Program develops the “soft” skills required to create, effect and maintain improvement in your organization.

Engaging Yourself and Others
Building Effective Teams
Managing Risk & Change