Our Services

We believe that even when a sound competitive strategy has been crafted, improvements can still occur at the operational level.
We help you to create your continuous improvement regimen, making you autonomous and independent of external consultants.
We provide students and managers with the opportunity to master their specific knowledge in Operations & Lean 6 Sigma.

Journey to Excellence

Whether your problem is to redefine your Operations Strategy or to make it run more smoothly, whether you are a manufacturing or service organization, whether you have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses or you just have a general drive to improve your business, we believe we can guide you along the Process to Excellence, a journey that always continues with your organization's commitment to seek out the very best ways of doing things with the resources you have.

The L6S Choice

Empowering customers
L6S consultants have a passion for empowering customers to first craft and then run their own improvement programs, learning the how-tos along with the whats needed to sustain the result they have gained over time.
Putting people first
Provided that it is always key to have effective strategists and innovative high-level thinkers in the upper ranks, it is people who ultimately run processes - as much as processes create products.
APICS & Lean 6 Sigma Certified
L6S consultants bring to the client years of successful experience developing business excellence programs from within multinational as well as medium-small size organizations.