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Global Standard Tests are the most effective and convenient way both for individuals and companies alike to certify their knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma.
As an individual, adding these certifications to your resume will not only improve your business acumen and analytical skills, but it will also increase your earning potential and competitive advantage in the workplace.
As a company, getting employees certified means boosting your people’s skills and motivation so that teams and individuals are empowered to achieve a higher level of productivity.

Talent Appraisal

A short version of the GSTs that may be used by companies and individuals to validate preparation

Lean GST

Test your knowledge about increasing overall performance through waste elimination

Six Sigma GST

Test your knowledge on how to enhance profitability through superior process capability

Lean 6 Sigma GST

Evaluates knowledge of both Lean and Six Sigma concepts and their complementarity

Business Operations

Tests your knowledge of business operations
management concepts and methods

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Created by the L6S Group, Global Standard Tests were designed after analyzing a number of leading operational excellence programs and creating a wide competency framework known as the L6S Group Body of Knowledge.

To get your certification, contact us today to acquire  your exam credit and schedule a supervised test session with us. Tests will be accessed remotely and provide instant feedback; your record will be maintained on the L6S Group database for future reference. Upon successful completion of a test a certificate will be sent to you and you will be immediately allowed to flaunt your new credential.

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Certification Verification

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